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Tube of adhesive

Tube of adhesive

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For the fixing of Genesis acoustic foam products to the walls and ceiling.

Coverage: 270ml Tube = 1.7m²

How to apply: 

  • Cut off the tip of the tube with a sharp blade and screw on the dispensing tip.
  • Cut a 5-8mm diameter hole on the end of the tip.
  • Place the adhesive tube into your caulking gun (not included)
  • Place the acoustic foam face down onto a clean surface.
  • Apply a consistent bead of adhesive to the back of the acoustic foam, about 5cm in from the edge, all around the perimeter.
  • Now do a cross from corner to corner then place a bead in the middle of the remaining large open spaces.
  • As some adhesive may continue to ooze from the tip, place your caulking gun over some scrap cardboard to avoid mess.
  • You're ready to apply the acoustic foam.
  • Place the foam in the desired position on the wall or ceiling and apply even pressure to ensure the adhesive makes proper contact. At this point you can still make small adjustments to the position to achieve an accurate fit.
  • You can release the acoustic foam and move onto the next one.