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Painted Rustic Wood - King Size Headboard

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King Size Headboard - Starter headboard with a print

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Optional extras: 

1. LED Mood lighting:

Soft recessed lighting which is kind to tired eyes. Duel light switches for couples.

2. Masterguard Fabric Protector:

This makes the finish water repellant & stain resistant.

✪ Interchangeable finish:

Yes that's right, your Genesis Custom Headboard is designed to maximise your creative freedom. You can change the headboard finish as often as you like - without even taking your headboard off the wall.

Purchase as many different finishes as you want from our online store - at a huge cost saving. The finishes are super quick and easy to change - no tools required.

You can keep your interchangeable finishes and use them again in the future or store them. Hello inspiration!

Width: 183cm

Height: 90cm

Lead time for manufacture: ± 2 Weeks