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LF125 Sound Absorbers: 25mm Thick / Pack (7.2m²)

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LF125 Sound Absorbers: 25mm Thick


The 25mm Thickness is our slimline profile. This thickness is designed to be used where limited space is available.


The 25mm thickness should not be used as a substitute for the 50mm & 100mm thick variations of the product. It will not have anywhere close to the level of sound absorption in the low frequency range. There is no substitute for thickness to absorb noise in the low frequency range. We always recommend the 100mm thickness to absorb the low frequency noise that characterises generator noise.


When this product is used to line metal enclosures, we recommend that the sheet metal is first lined with 1-2 layers of G-Damp, this adds mass, dramatically reduces vibration and will aid the acoustic performance as a whole.


✪ Sound absorption in the mid to high frequency range is excellent.


✪ Panel size: 1.2m x 0.6m

✪ Pack size: 10 Panels / 7.2m²

✪ Lead time for manufacture: ± 5 Working days