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LF125 Portable Soundproof Generator Enclosure - Medium

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Watch demo on Vimeo here

The LF125 Portable Soundproof Enclosure is suitable for generators, compressors etc.

The portable design means that the enclosure does not need to be fixed to a wall or the floor. This flexibility means that you can move it around and use it wherever it may be required.

Size: Medium

Outside dimensions: 1.6m (l) x 1.2m (w) x 1.2m high

Inner dimensions: 1.4m (l) x 1m (w) x 1.1m high

Maximum generator size: 1.2m (l) x 0.8m (w) x 1m high

A non-combustible inner lining is used for fire safety.

Airflow: 2 x Commercial grade extraction fans are included

2 x Acoustic baffles are included

Easy access: The sides simply hook on to the internal frame and attach magnetically, for easy access from any side.

Sound attenuation: 30dBA

Sound absorption inside enclosure:

NRC: 1.05

Colour outside: Grey

It can be painted a different colour by the client.

If you would prefer a different colour:

1.Paint with a universal undercoat

2. Followed by a latex based paint of your choosing

Colour inside: Black

Lead time: 10 Working days (Made to order)

Set-up: Easy DIY (20 - 30 Minutes work - estimate)

All electrical work is the responsibility of the client. The extraction fans must be connected to your generator so that they come on automatically when the generator starts.


Should always be kept in a shaded area, to prevent the generator from overheating in the sun.