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LF125 Noise Barrier Panel: 1.2m (h) x 0.9m (w)

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LF125 Noise Barriers are designed for industrial / commercial use around noisy machinery. The panels come in a range of standard sizes, they can be stacked alongside each other, to form whatever noise barrier size is required to do the job.

A mill finish aluminium frame
Grey backing board

1) PVC mesh comes standard & is suitable for domestic applications. 
2) Stainless steel mesh / SS HD: Commercial, industrial & marine

Where can they be used?
✪ Interior: In factories to contain sound
✪ Exterior: Around generators, compressors, heat pumps, machinery etc.


Exterior Grade Panels
Include a water repellant facing & drainage holes

Sound Absorption
NRC 1.05

Sound Attenuation
30dBA Please note that in real life applications, the actual degree of sound attenuation will be determined by many factors, especially as these panels are typically used in open air environments and are not fully enclosed.

1.2m x 0.9m


Lead time for manufacture

± 10 Working days