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LF125 Fixed Soundproof Generator Enclosure: SMALL

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Watch demo on Vimeo here

The LF125 Fixed Soundproof Enclosure is suitable for generators, compressors etc.

The fixed design enclosure - must be fixed to a backing wall.

Size: Small

Outside dimensions: 1.2m (l) x 1m (w) x 0.9m high

Inner dimensions: 1m (l) x 0.9m (w) x 0.8m high

Maximum generator size: 0.8m (l) x 0.6m (w) x 0.7m high

A non-combustible inner lining is used for fire safety.

Airflow: 2 x Commercial grade extraction fans are included

2 x Acoustic baffles are included

Edges: Finished with aluminium

Swing open design: Allows easy access from any side

Sound attenuation: 31dBA

Sound absorption inside enclosure:

NRC: 1.05

Colour outside: Grey

Colour inside: Black

Lead time: 10 Working days (Made to order)

Installation: Easy DIY (1 Hours work - estimate)