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Industro-Foam Pyramid Profile Tiles: White Acoustic Foam / m²

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Industro-Foam is an independently certified acoustic foam. It offers superb sound absorption in the mid to high frequency range. This is perfect for treating open areas of wall & ceiling where these are the dominant frequencies causing resonance problems. After installation, the acoustic benefits of Industro-Foam are immediately noticeable. We've used Industro-Foam to tame noise issues in a wide range of venues e.g. restaurants, coffee shops, churches, offices, home cinemas, boardrooms, homes and many other applications.

Light Weight
Industro-Foam is light weight which assists with the ease of installation. The very low mass per m3 means it adds a negligible weight onto an existing ceiling/roof structure.

The white colour of the foam makes it particularly well suited to ceilings, this is very useful in venues where there is often very little wall space available for acoustic treatment, due to existing wall fittings and the use of plenty of glass. Unlike polyurethane foam, which yellows as it ages, Industro-Foam retains it's colour. 

Tile Size:
✪ 500 x 500 x 75mm thick

✪ 4 Tiles = 1m²

Industro-Foam carries a B1 flammability rating, with no flame retardant added, which means it is hardly flammable. This makes the product safe to use in a wide variety of applications. In the event of a fire Industro-Foam does not drip and has a low smoke index. Commonly available polyurethane foam will melt and drip in the event of a fire which can become hazard.

Ceilings: Fixed directly with the supplied adhesive

Sound Absorption
Industro-Foam offers excellent sound absorption. The greater the m² used in the room - the more noticeable the sound dampening effect will become. The noise reduction coefficient at 50mm thick is NRC 0.86