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Acoustic Perimiter Seals - for Timber Door Frames

  • R 3,340.00
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This acoustic seal set will seal the jambs of the door. Multiple soft rubber blades rest against the door to achieve an airtight seal and thus blocking out sound.

It is designed to work on a timber door frame.

It will work regardless of well or badly the door is hung.

This is a commercial grade door seal.

The fixing screws are concealed by the black cover strip.


✪ Acoustic doors seals should ideally be installed together with a solid timber door. The light weight nature of hollow core doors will allow sound transmission directly through the door itself and adding doors seals will be of minimal acoustic benefit.

✪ The perimeter seals should always be installed together with our commercial grade acoustic drop seal.

✪ The door seals will have to be cut on site to achieve a snug fit. Fitting is not included and must be done by others.