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Acoustic Drop Seal - for Timber Doors

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Gaps under the door allow sound to easily bypass the closed door. By necessity doors have a gap underneath to allow the door to freely open and close but this gap allows sound transmission which causes problems such as:

✪ Confidential conversations being overheard 

✪ TV noise disturbing others who are trying to sleep

✪ Noisy passageways disturbing those trying to rest in their rooms

The drop seal by Genesis Acoustics is a commercial grade product designed for high capacity daily use. This seal is far superior to a simple static seal which will never truly close the gap under the door. Our drop seal works on a spring activated mechanism which lift the seal when the door is open and drops the seal when the doors closes.

Soundproof seals will benefit many types of rooms such as:

✪ Hotel rooms

✪ Rooms to guest lodges, BnB's, Airbnb's et.

✪ Boardrooms

✪ Offices

✪ Studies

✪ Home cinema rooms 

✪ Main bedroom in the home, after all, private moments should remain private.

And many more ...



✪ A drop seal should always be used in conjunction with a full permitter seal for the door jambs.

✪ The drop seal should always close onto a smooth continuous strip to achieve a proper seal. A suitable wooden or aluminium strip should be installed flush into the floor, under the drop seal, for best results. Work to be done by others.

✪ The door seal will have to be cut on site to achieve a snug fit. Fitting is not included and must be done by others.